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Got a cold over the weekend. It was so light and I just had the sniffles but it became full blown today. I'm nursing it but it's still annoying. Even had to call out from work today. I don't mind calling out, but it sucks when you start to feel guilty for being sick. The manager was like you should have let us know earlier that you were sick... When? I felt well the previous day and actually expected the cold to go away but it persisted. I always felt bad not going to school during grade school days as well. It's my stupid personalty I guess. I'm too responsible for my own good. Well I hope I'm better tomorrow.

At least I caught up on some yaoi and picked up some new indie bands/songs to listen to^^

TheYoungINTL - Ruckus

Pomplamoose- Monster Mask
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Wow, it takes me months to get in the mood to write up something on here :p I used to love writing in a journal, but there are so many other distractions I started thinking it's a waste of time.

My desktop is clean and zen feeling now:

It's so green, clean and peaceful looking. Aah I love it^^
Plus it's great for springtime! XD

Profile color change as well~ not very springy but good on the eyes ^^
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what the hell~ rant of the day/night

My background is pink!! I'm becoming girly lately, haha
Looks pretty so whatever.

I'm tired but energetic at the same time. sort of feel charged, it's odd. My leg is bugging me too~ probably cuz I've been sitting on my ass for the past 2-3 hours. Even too lazy to get up and brush my teeth. This means it's time to go to bed, but I really don't want to go even though my body needs sleep D8 Weird.

Current thing bothering me is the mess of my desktop. This is the messiest I get but for me this is horrible b/c I'm always sooo organized it's freaky.

*fanfare*My goal of the WEEK~ get my computer
files organized*fanfare*

Hopefully I get a chance between work and classes >.<

OK it's 4am.....sleep time?

Mireu <3
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Thought I'd finally make a post here since I've been on the site more and more lately commenting in the kpop communities.

I like making my own icons and gifs, so I'll be posting some of my creations later on^^

I also listen to music constantly so some of my posts might mostly be inspired by a certain song.
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